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Comparative Study of Causal Attribution Among Open Skill and Close Skill Players at Mdu University |

Mr. Gurpreet Makker, Tarun Gaur, Dr. Ashok Singh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of thestudy was to determine the Causal Attribution among Open Skill and Close Skillplayers at Delhi University. The study was confined to 40 males, randomlyselected (20 open skill + 20 closed) from Maharishi Dayanand University(MDU).  The study was also confined tothe losing teams or losers in the Inter University tournament. The variableselected for the study was casual Attribution, for the collection of the dataon the selected variable Attribution questionnaire for losers developed byRoberts and Kenvis was used. The questionnaire consisted of 4 questions for thevariables namely ability, effort, task difficulty and luck. For the analysis ofthe collected data descriptive statistics was employed followed by‘t’ test. Theresults revealed that the mean value for open skill games on the variablesability, effort, task difficulty and luck was found to be 6.00, 3.1, 6.35 and 5.1respectively, whereas for closed skill was found to be 4.2, 3.4, 5.5 and 3respectively. Also the group mean for open skill and closed skill games was5.13 and 4.03, with a standard deviation of 2.31 and 2.17 respectively. Whereasa significant difference was found on the ability factor as the value was foundto be 2.44 against the tabulated value 2.02 at 0.05 level of significance. Onthe variable of luck no significant difference was found as the calculatedvalue was found to be -.507 against the tabulated value 2.02, also nosignificant difference was found between open and closed skill players on taskdifficulty dimension as the value was -.50 and finally a significant differencewas found on effort variable as the calculated value was 3.649 against 2.02tabulated value. When compared on the internal attribution variables (abilityand effort) as a whole a significant difference was obtained with a value of4.13 whereas no significant difference was found on external attributionvariables (luck and task difficulty) with a value of 0.418.