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Comparative Study of Physical Fitness Among Hockey and Football Girl Players |

Dr. Neeru Bala, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Teams are prepared not only to play but to win the games.And for winning the game, it is not only the proficiency in the skills of thegame, which bring victory, but more important is the spirit and physicalfitness of the player with which he plays and performs his best in thecompetition. Physical fitness has always been a concern of man frompre-historic times. Indeed, it was survival for the fittest. Throughout humanevolution man has been a nomad, a hunter and a farmer. His body had a highdegree of adaptability for walking, running, jumping and throwing. Onlyrecently complete changes have taken place due to motorization, automation andindustrialization and demand to gross motor activities have been greatlyreduced. These changes have caused a number of so called hypothinetic diseasesand have lowered the degree of physical fitness (Percival et al 1982)