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A Study on the Effect of Yogic Training on Physical Fitness of Judo Male Players |

Ranjit Kaur, Sandeep Singh Sokhi, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The  purposeof  the study  was  to investigate  effect  of  yogic training  on  physical fitness  of  judo male players. The  study was  conducted  on 30  male  judo players  were  selected as  subject  of 17  to  25 years  of  age. Subject were  categorized  into two  groups , namely  experimental and  control  groups. The data  were  collected from  district  level players  of  judo from  the  different places  of  rohtak district , Haryana. AAPHER  youth  fitness battery  selected  items  were  used  for testing  the  physical   fitness  of  the subjects. To  find out  the significance  of  the differences  between  pre and  posttest  means of  the  one experimental  group , control  group ‘t’ test was   applied. The  result  of  the  study revealed  that  there were  significant  difference found  between  the subjects  belonging  to experimental  group  and that  of  control group. Experimental  group  was better  than  the control  group  on pull  ups.