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Consequence of Boxing Workouts Upon Physical and Biochemical Reactions of Boxers: a Case Study of Combat Sports |

Bhagyajyothi K. S., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The present study was directed to study the morphological,physiological and biochemical attributes of Indian National boxers and toevaluate the cardiovascular adjustment to reviewed exercise and real boxinground. Two separate studies were led. In the first study [n = 60, (lesserboxers underneath 19 yrs, n = 30), (senior boxers-20-25 yrs, n = 30)] diversemorphological, physiological and biochemical parameters were measured. In thesecond study (N = 21, Light Weight class <54 kg, n = 7; Medium weightclassification <64 kg, n = 7 and Medium substantial weight classification<75 kg, n = 7) cardiovascular reactions were contemplated throughoutevaluated exercise convention and genuine boxing sessions. Outcomesdemonstrated an altogether higher (p < 0.05) stature, figure mass, LBM, muscleto fat ratio ratios and quality of back and grasp in senior boxers contrastedwith youngsters. Besides, the senior boxers had mesomorphic form adaptation whereasthe youngsters' had ectomorphic figure compliance. Altogether lower (p <0.05) high-impact limit and anaerobic force were noted in lesser boxerscontrasted with seniors.