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Study on the Relation between Anthropometric and Playing Ability of Athletic Players | Original Article

Anamika Mangesh Nimkar*, Santoshi Ramkrishna Saulkar, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The relationship between chose Anthropometric variables and execution of youth Athletics. The examination was led for young men matured from 18 to 28 years addressed 41st public sports celebration rivalry 2015 at Sri Lanka. The players partook from nine areas for public sports rivalry in volleyball (108 players) were distinguished as subjects for this investigation. The volleyball playing ability was chosen as reliant variable and surveyed by abstract rating. The Height, Weight, Upper Arm Relaxed Girth, Fore Arm Girth, Chest Girth, Wrist Girth, Waist Girth, Thigh Girth, Calf Girth, Angle Girth, Acromiale Raiale Length, Raialesylion Dactyl particle, Midst lion Dactyl particle Length, Foot Length and Leg Length were chosen as autonomous variables and tried by normalized methodology. The information were gathered for playing ability and other chose free variables. To inspect the relationship between playing ability and chose autonomous variables straightforward correlation was determined.