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Effect of Pranayama and Asanas on Strength and Endurance amongst State Level Kho-Kho Players | Original Article

Ketan Kumar Ranjitbhai Nizama*, Maheshbhai Mahida, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The present study was to analyze the effect of selected asana and pranayama, yogic practices in enhancing the Running ability among the state level Kho-Kho players. With the assistance and help of the experts in the field of asana and pranayama, yoga, sports and previous researches on these areas a comprehensive and suitable asana and pranayama package was evolved. Kho-kho players at the state level were selected at random to be treated under the designed training package to find out the training impacts and outcomes. The selected state level Kho-Kho players underwent ten weeks of intensive yogic training besides their regular sports training. The Running ability was measured before and after the treatment by administering the Warner Test of Kho-Kho Skills. The data were analyzed by using’s' ratio for interpretation. The designed training package was suitable and made positive training impacts on running ability among the state level Kho-Kho players.