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A Study on Physical Fitness Components of Football Players | Original Article

Mayurkumar A. Patel*, Nisith Kumar Datta, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship between physical fitness components; football skills and playing ability of football players. Some information regarding the purpose of this research is given by means of literature review. The subjects of this study, football players performance test on selected physical fitness tests as recommended by Nagerkoti (1989) namely, a) Five hops with right foot and left foot, b) 40 meters sprint test, c) 6 X 10 meters shuttle run test, d) 2.4 KM running test, e) Bend and reach flexibility test; six Soccer skill tests used which is recommended by the Portuguese Football Federation namely, Ball juggling ( ball control with the body), Ball juggling (ball control with the head), dribbling with a pass, speed dribbling, passing and shooting and Playing ability of the players will be judged by three experts, by seven point scale and the average of all three scores will be taken as playing ability score of the subject for this study. The reliability of tests was determined through test-retest method, applying all the tests twice with the gap of one month between tests. The correlation between physical fitness tests, football skill tests and playing ability was examined, which showed that all skill tests were having significant related with physical fitness tests and playing ability. The physical fitness tests have significant relation with playing ability. The results of the study enable us to conclude that the playing ability is depending upon the football skills and physical fitness abilities of the players.