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An Analysis upon the Attitude of Parents towards Girls Participation in Physical and Sports Activities | Original Article

Sandeep .*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


This present study planned to assess the parental concerns like back, attitude, weight and motivation on part of their parents with reference to female participation in sports. This study will center on the essential pretended by psychosocial factors affecting why a few girls participate and keeping in mind that others don't participate in sports. In this study an endeavor has been made to talk about a portion of the issues against women's involvement in sports. Independent poll was readied and 200 subjects were chosen with the end goal of study from Delhi. The responses were collected and assessed to get to the parental attitude towards female participation in sports. The discoveries of the study uncover that lion's share of the parents have uplifting attitude towards female participation in sports. Other than this some psychological limitations stops a few parents in demonstrating the inspirational attitude. We have likewise broken down the connection between parents' attitudes towards their children's sporting propensities and their own level of involvement with sports. Moreover, we have dissected the ramifications of these outcomes keeping in mind the end goal to support parental involvement in advancing physical and sports activities.