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Analysis on the Need for Uniform Civil Code in India | Original Article

Pragyan Prasanjita Sahoo*, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


The author has discussed about how the Uniform Civil Code (UCC)will not only simplify the legal processes involved in the matters governed by personal law but also promote the causes of secularism, equality and national integration. It even discusses about the need to reform the personal laws or bring about a UCC to bring about gender justice. This article is largely focused upon the dilemma faced, as all the citizens are neither read nor willing to adopt the truly secular laws, by people of different religions as they are divided on customs to be followed in a particular religion and no community is ready to accept the need of changing time. Hence, the success of UCC completely depends on the enhanced and parallel level of literacy in the people of all religions, mass mobilisation, and increased socio-cultural and political responsibility leading to impactful awareness and enlightened discussions over the benefits of having UCC. Therefore, the penultimate aim behind bringing up the reform should be to secure unity, integrity and equality among the citizens of the country be it male or female of any religion. The author, in the conclusion, states how the citizens belonging to different religion and following different matrimonial and property laws, do not maintain the nation's unity and instead of following Sovereignty, Secularism or Republic attitude, they live at the whims and fancies of priests, mullahs, and bishops.