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Effect of Treadmill and Upright Bike on Vital Capacity of Sedentary People |

Rajesh Sahu, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The Objective of this study was to determine the effectof treadmill and upright bike on vital capacity of sedentary people. Thesubjects for this study were selected from district of Gwalior, M.P. A total of30 male subjects were selected and used as one experimental group (15) andother control group (15). Treadmill and upright bike was considered the independentvariable and Vital Capacity was considered the dependent variable. VitalCapacity was measured in Liters by Dry Spiro meter. The Pre Test Post Testrandomize group design was used for this study. Tests were administered beforethe training program and after the completion of the treatment again test wereadministered. ANCOVA was used to locate significance effect of treadmill andupright bike on Vital Capacity. At 0.05 levels of significance. In relation tovital capacity, effect of treadmill and upright bike was found significant onexperimental group.