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Electromygraphycal Comparison of Concentric and Eccentric Phase During Selected Abdominal Exercise |

Raju Khanade, Suresh Kumar Uikey, Adhir Kumar Ghodeshwar, Komal Singh Bariya, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of this study was to compare theelectromygraphycal activity / amplitude variation of contractions during sit-upexercise on rectus abdominals. The amplitudes of contraction of all thequadrants during three different sit up were recorded. Ten male subjectsselected for the experiment were of all India Inversely level players. Theirmean age, height and weight was 20 years, 167.4 cm and 62 kg respectively. Thestudent Physiographic for the group experimentation and research was used forEMG recording. All procedures were standardized. Three sets of observationswere made on each subject. The electrodes were located over the belly of themuscles and oriented along its longitudinal axis. The concentric and eccentricphase of the sit-up exercises were undertaken and were analyzed by pairedt-test, that revealed no significant difference Our finding support the conceptthat abdominal surrendering exercises can differentially activate variousabdominal muscle groups, but contradict some rationally held assumptionsregarding the effects of specific phase exercises.