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Yoga & Meditation: Best Healthy Practice to Handle Work Place Stress |

Dr. Neeru Bala, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The most crucial factor in the success of anorganization is the productivity of its work force which in turn is dependenton the psychological as well as social wellbeing of its employees. And today’srapidly moving lives of the common man is filled with stress as an outcome ofthe role-conflicts, enhanced expectations and desires etc. Stress has an adverseeffect one‘s health, work performance, social life and even the relationshipwith family members. The stress, factors leading to it and consequences ofstress are to be understood at individual and organizational level. The changedworking conditions, multiple and overlapping roles have increased stress to agreater extent at workplace. Stress has emerged as a major issue for thebusinesses and has reached alarming proportions due to its negative impacts.Organizations must develop stress prevention as well as stress reductiontechniques. This paper focuses on Yoga and meditation as the best practicesadopted by organizations to prevent, reduce and to overcome stress at work place.