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Comparison of Selected Physical Fitness Variables among Different Positional Male Football Players | Original Article

Sali K. S.*, Nidhin M. N., in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The aim of analysis was to look at chosen variables of physical fitness among various positional male football players, for example midfield and resistance strikers. For this purpose a sample of sixty (N=60) male football players, which includes 20 strikers, 20 midfielders and 20 defenders were selected from Christ college irinjalakuda and SSUS kalady. Their age ranged between18-25. All the participants were informed about aim and methodology of study and they volunteered to participate in this study. The test was performed on selected variables of physical fitness, such as speed agility and dangerous strength. One path investigation of change (ANOVA) was applied to discover the critical reverence as to chosen physical fitness variables of male football players of various playing position. The post-hoc analysis of Schffe was applied to see the bearing and hugeness of contrasts where' F' recognition was measurably noteworthy.