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The Impact of Socio Economic Position on Self Confidence and Success Inspiration of Sports Women |

Mamta Kumari, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Thehigh socio economic status might be highly profitable for a distinctive as herevels in the better expectation for everyday comforts, quality education, highpay, positive self-picture, high respect what's more status in the society,exceptional training offices and the consequent high self-certainty whichconstantly helps her to increase constructive psyche characteristics and higheraccomplishment inspiration. Although, a single person of low socio-economicstatus might inherit the motivational and emotional makeup qualities like lowaccomplishment cause, low aspiration level, low expectation, neuroticism,insecurity, rigidity, conformity, anxiety, extroversion, alienation, low self-picture,past orientation, absence of future orientation, outside attribution fortriumph and inward attribution for disappointment and utilization of uselessadapting techniques like break, powerlessness, misery and foreswearing. Toattain the reason for study 130 sportswomen who are taken part in betweenuniversity athletic meet were chosen furthermore firstly individual datacalendar is utilized to gather the data identified with particular and sociodemographic status of the subject and Socio-economic status scale improved byBharadwaj and Chavan (1989) is regulated. At that point 68 sportswomenseparated into two aggregations of 34 each as high and low SES bunches byarbitrary sampling out of total population. secondly the Self-trust Stock by M.Basavanna (1975) and Achievement Motivation Test advanced by Dr. Beena Shahwere directed two aggregations individually and found that positive andcritical impact of socioeconomic status on self-certainty and accomplishmentcause of sportswomen and there is a noteworthy distinction in self-certaintyand accomplishment cause level between low and high socioeconomic statussportswomen. Additionally found that the critical connection betweensocio-economic status also self-trust, socio-economic status and accomplishmentinspiration of sportswomen. On opposite the low SES gathering of sportswomen inview of their solid longing to win and succeed, the alarm and mortificationsconnected with disappointment, the urge to develop and advance may haveaffected them to embrace the higher accomplishment cause.