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A Comparative Report of the Masters Track & Field Athlete |

Mamta Kumari, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Aging has been connectedwith weakenings in physiological measurements. A diminishing in aerobic limit,a lessening in lean body weight, and an expansion in body fat are three of themost conspicuous. Are these declining physiological elements an unavoidableactuality for people approaching middle-age or would they be able to bedeferred or totally controlled? With the population of middle and more seasonedage people who practice and partake in athletic rivalry on the expansion, sportscientists are attempting harder to characterize the relationship betweenphysical action and aging. There is a developing acknowledgment that theprofits from activity exceed the danger variables connected with activity inmore advanced in years people. What amount can practice help in impeding thedecrease in physiological components connected with the misfortune ofexceptional health? Is running or rivalry useful for the aging individual?Kavanagh, Lindley, Shephard and Campbell (1988), inferred that expansive scaleMasters rivalry was both alluring and safe, actually for the non-choicecontender.