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Yoga as a Solution for Indian Urban Women's Health Problem | Original Article

Vichitra Kumar*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The Indian women are regarded as the world's perfect home-maker. They are often over-worked in the field to provide economic security for their families as well as complete all domestic work to fulfill their function properly they require a healthy health which implies physically, psychologically spiritually and intellectually well-being for this woman will motivate her health through the typical Indian way of extruding that is 'Yoga' Good health helps women to enjoy. They are competent, versatile and successful-at work, dynamic, and at home doing We are the cement that binds together a great many bits of life. Every homage would fall short of where women keep their position in our hearts and cultures. But women are stressed and stretched too. When responsible for those around them, who looks after them? The solution is in Yoga - the equilibrium that requires today's 'beauty with brains' Several professionals have suggested meditation for women to help them fulfill the various demands of their time with performance. Women always have had it hard if they dare to dream big. We are supposed to be multi-tasking all the way, acting as Superman-daytime daily office worker and nighttime super hero. Not only do women have to take care of their domestic duties with efficiency and grace, but they also have to work outside the four walls to justify their educational and intellectual ability on a par with men. People across the world ought to be able to hold several balls in the air and at the same time making sure that not one of them slips at any moment. This is why yoga appears as a blessing to women. Yoga is a way of finding peace and serenity in their universe of litigation and taxes. Clear relaxation exercises can help people settle down with competence to poise to manage their various duties. To women yoga offers more than just making their bodies supple. It brings the mind peace, and nourishment to the spirit. This is why, on their crowded calendar, people do not see yoga as another task, but as a required exercise that will help them handle their other responsibilities optimally. The philosophical problem emerging in relation to yoga is when to start. For women, this is the icing on the cake, because yoga is suitable for all ages. Read on to see how women can maximize the multiple advantages of yoga to the max.