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A Study on Biomechanics’ Function in Physical and Athletic Education | Original Article

Meenakshi Tripathi*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Physical educators teach a broad spectrum of human motions, and biomechanics are essential to the evaluation of technology and action to enhance youth. Biomechanics also helps physical educators to recognize movements and physical activity that lead to different muscle groups and components of health. Biomechanics in sports and training relates to the analysis and execution of human activities, and the interplay between participants, exercise equipment and the work-out environment. The students in particular need support to boost their strength, but also they have challenges including how the human body works, how to learn motor skills etc .. What strategies should be used? Physical activity presents numerous physical workout examples, while biomechanical analyses of the form and operation of organic structures via the mechanical methodology include suitable and essential techniques for learning physically different muscle and health components and skills in the physical division, which include study of the activities of force in biomechanics. The usage of mechanics of human movements is biomechanics. Biomechanical strategies are important to enhance the physical activity of students safely and effectively.