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Biomechanical Studies on Various Aspects of Physical Strength in Sports | Original Article

Amit Kumar Singh Bhadoria*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


To understand the success of sportsperson, assessment of 'biomechanical' and 'physiological parameters' is important. To this end, indigenous design and production of several forms of cost-effective dynamometers along with their proper calibration are necessary. Both international devices in Indian countryside are costly and not accessible to commoners. The exact quantification of biomechanical criteria, such as grip strength while punching, pinch intensity while finger pinching, grip strength during grip and back force during hand pulls can be rendered for men and women sports, including Boxers and students of this world, especially from the east and the northeast. Another goal is to measure for research participants the various physiologic metrics such as body mass index (BMI), body fat ratio, blood pressure (BP) and pulse rhythm (PR) since they are really significant in quantifying people's wellbeing and wellness.