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The Comparative Analysis of Mental Toughness and Will to Win Between Amateurs and Experienced Sportsmen of Various Sports |

Anshuman Mishra, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study wasconducted to investigate the mental toughness and will to win between amateursand experienced sportsmen of various sports. To obtain data for this study, theresearcher had selected (N=60) male university level sportsmen of 18 to 28years of age group to act as subjects. They were further divided into twogroups which includes thirty (n= 30) amateurs and thirty (n=30) experiencedsportsmen. The purposive sampling technique was used to obtain the requireddata. All the subjects, after having been briefed about the objective andprotocol of the study, gave their consent and volunteered to participate inthis study. Mental toughness was measured with questionnaire developed byGoldberg (1998) and Will to win was measured with questionnaire prepared byKumar and Shukla (1988). It is concluded from the above findings thatsignificant differences were found between amateurs and experienced sportsmenon the sub-variables i.e. confidence, concentration, handling pressure, reboundability and overall mental toughness. However, no significant differences werenoticed regarding the sub variables i.e. motivation. It has been also concludethat insignificant differences were noticed between amateurs and experiencedsportsmen on the variable will to win.