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Relationship of Selected Biomechanical Variables with the Performance of Volleyball Players in Over Head Serve | Original Article

Amit Kumar Singh Bhadoria*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The scholar took the study of volleyball players. The subjects for the study were 10 male Volleyball players of Inter University level. Angular kinematics variables were ankle (Right & Left), Knee Joint ((Right & Left), Hip joint (Right & Left), Shoulder Joint (Right & Left), elbow joint (Right & Left), and linear kinematics variable were height of center of gravity. The digital camera (Nikon 0-100) was employed to register the technique of overhead serve at selected moments. The subjects were photographed at the movement of (stance) and (Execution) in sagital plane. All the subjects performed the technique from the right side. From the photographic sequence, the stick figures were prepared by using joint point method. The angles and center of gravity were calculated at selected moments. In order to find out the relationship of selected kinematics variables and the performance of the subjects in overhead server at selected moments, the Pearson’s product movement were calculated, the level of significance was 0.05. Based on the analysis and within the limitations of present study. It was concluded that none of the selected biomechanical variables has significant relationship with the performance of subjects in overhead serve in Volleyball.