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The Role of Selected Fitness Program and Meditation in Covid-19 for the Improvement of Immune System | Original Article

Anil Kumar Gupta*, Shankar Jyoti Basumatary, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The great immunity comes from the healthy lifestyle to fight against many antigenic pathogens causing various types of disease in our body. Now a day, the outburst of coronavirus disturbed the healthy lifestyle of people as a result of which we have to quarantine ourselves by staying at home and the only weapon against such virus is to have good immune system that fight against that virus. Being at home we can adapt some selected fitness program which help us to enhance our immune system by doing some activities like cardio exercises, brisk walking, aerobics etc. we can build up our immune system. Meditation is one of such activity by which we can control and balance our mind and soul. So, the role of selected fitness program and meditation in covid -19 done a great job in improvement of immune system.