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A Statistical Technique to Develop a Discriminant Model to Categories Senior Female Cricketers of Gujarat into Batsman and Bowler | Original Article

Rajpurohit Ravindra Singh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Aim of the study The aim of the study was to develop a criterion for classifying female cricket players into batsmen and bowlers by using discriminant analysis function on the basis of physiological and anthropometric variables. Material and Methods A sample of thirty [N = 30] female cricket players who was the part of inter university team of Swarnim Gujarat Sports University in the year 2021-22. So that the players were classified into batsmen and bowlers on the basis of predictor variables. Results A significant difference between batsmen and bowlers was found in physiological and anthropometric variables i.e. FVC, VO2 MAX, Total arm length, Shoulder diameter. Furthermore, The mean value is higher in bowlers in case of (vo2 max, shoulder diameter), While the mean value is more in batsmen in terms of Total arm length, FVC6. The attained discriminant model classified correctly 80.0 of the cases in the sample. Conclusion- This study clearly remarks the difference present in the physiological and anthropometric variables of women’s batsmen and bowlers. The result of the study is that the coaches can use physiological and anthropometric variables for players i