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Isolation of Vinca Alkaloids from C.Roseus and Mechanism of Alkaloids in Cancer | Original Article

Ashishdeep Kaur*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Malagasy periwinkle, or Catharanthus roseus (CULTIVAR- ALBA), is a strong medicinal plant that has been studied for its potentially therapeutic alkaloids. This research investigates the mechanisms of action of C. roseus (CULTIVAR- ALBA) vinca alkaloids and total alkaloids, with a particular emphasis on their anticancer properties. The wider consequences of anticancer therapies, such as possible side effects and influence on general quality of life, are also investigated in this research. This study explores methods for reducing the severity of these side effects, which may ultimately enhance adherence and the quality of care patients receive. Vinca alkaloids were successfully isolated and characterised from C. roseus (CULTIVAR- ALBA) in this work.