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Is AI the end of Human Creativity | Original Article

Asmi Agarwal*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not the end of human creativity but rather a potent instrument to complement and expand it. In contrast to humans, AI is limited in its ability to think creatively, emotionally, and intuitively. Working together with AI, we may take use of its features to automate mundane chores and obtain insights, leaving us more time and energy for creative problem solving. Instead of restricting human creativity, combining it with AI technology might lead to ground-breaking advances in the arts, sciences, and other creative fields. Participants were 80 secondary school kids (mean age = 15) from various schools throughout India. The question, How do we sustain life on Mars? was posed to the class. Sixty students were responsible for completing this assignment during class time. Twenty pupils participated in this after-school activity. Study participants' perspectives on the question Is AI the end of human creativity? were analysed. A content analysis of the students' answers to many essential questions provided insight into this issue. The findings show that the students had a firm grasp on four key concepts related to artificial intelligence and creativity social, emotional, technical, and learning.