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Different Quality Index of Irrigation Water From canal of Sone River | Original Article

Balmikee Kumar Yadav*, Abhijeet Kumar Shrivastava, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The purpose of this research was to examine the Different quality index of irrigation water canal of Sone river. A canal is a man-made waterway dug to provide farms with irrigation supplies. The water is obtained from a lake, pond, river, or reservoir. In order to combat water erosion and seepage, canals may be constructed from concrete, brick, or a flexible stone. Irrigating land using a canal and associated irrigation system is a time-tested and cost-effective strategy. The height of the water canal intake diagrams. Irrigation systems in fields rely on water drawn from reservoirs, such as ponds and reservoirs, or river wells, which are pumped to the fields.