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An Analysis upon Impact of Yogic Practices on the Development of Endurance and Playing Ability in Kabaddi Players | Original Article

Suresh P. Rathva*, Maheshbhai Mahida, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


A team game with no equipment, breathe holding act, which tones up the brain; these are two outstanding features, which make kabaddi a unique team game 'Kabaddi is real common man's game, with very simply technique of Tag Game-a game of touch. It need no special costume, costly equipment reservation of club. Kabaddi favors body development with a muscular strength stamina and endurance; because of its special feature “Cant holding” enriches cardiovascular endurance and resistance. Fine flexibility and agility is developed as one needs to move faster in such a small area of 20'--30' [10-12mts]. Player's eyes and body movement become quicker. Psychological major pressure of holding cent make one to control mind and movement. Psychologically he has to concentrate on his reaction time with estimate energy and space. His physical movement are linked with the close movement of his opponent, in coordination with his teammates. The reason for the study is to figure out the impact of complex preparing with yogic practices on chosen engine fitness variables and playing capacity around men Kabaddi players. To attain this motivation behind the study sixty male Kabaddi players.