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Components of Physiological Variables of National Level Volleyball Players | Original Article

Tanvi V. Tarpara*, Nisith Kumar Datta, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The Purpose of this paper was to find out the relationship of selected physiological variables with playing ability among national Level Volleyball Players. For this purpose Volleyball players, who had participated the mini National tournament in 2013-2014 seasons, were selected as subjects. Among the physiological parameters only Resting Pulse Rate and Respiratory Rate were selected as criterion variables. Resting pulse rate and Respiratory Rate were assessed through Manuel methods. Volleyball playing ability was assessed through subjective rating by three experts during the mini national Volleyball tournaments and the average was taken as criterion score. Person’s product moment correlation (zero order) was used as a statistical tool to find out the result and it revealed that the physiological variables of resting pulse rate and respiratory rate were having significant relationship with Volleyball performance.