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Criminal Law (Amendment) Act – Has it Been Successful in Getting Justice for People? | Original Article

Ashish Pathak*, Satya Rishishwar, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


‘Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal’ -Elizabeth Fry Crime in society is just like disease in a human body. It would be wrong to say that only judges, executive members or legislators have the duty to regulate the provisions of law from time to time. It is the obligation of citizens as well to ensure the fact that balance of society is not disturbed. In other words, they should behave in a manner which is acceptable and as per the law.There have been amendments from time to time in substantive as well as procedural laws seeing the need of society. In this article, author will try to reflect the impact of various amendments in the field of criminal law after the year 2013 and emphasiswill be upon leading cases before and after the passing of Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2013. A perusal of amended provisions will help in removing dust from the pages of the book defining and interpreting criminal laws. The research methodology is going to be basic, fundamental and applied in nature and literature review shall comprise of review of legal books and articles of various authors.