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Role of Police While Dealing with Juveniles | Original Article

Bhawna Singh*, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


Every day children come into contact with police either when they are in need of care and protection or in conflict with the law. The subsequent experience is relevant as it will make an impression in the minds of the child who is vulnerable at that time.This paper will explore the role of police in dealing with juveniles. Police is often the first agency with whom a child comes in contact when he or she is faced with any unfortunate situation. The police interact with a child at various stages including the time of arrest, bail, custody, search and interrogation. The paper shall deal with the role of Police in these stages as has been assigned to them under the law. It is emphasised that police training is essential to ensure that the encounter is always a positive one. Child-friendly approach must be adopted and the same includes child-friendly policing. Children who are in need of care and protection must be provided with support to empower them and children who are in conflict with law must be given such treatment which is fair and is in the best interests of the child.