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An Empirical Study of Consumer Consciousness and Behaviour With Reference to Consumer Rights in India | Original Article

Navita Nathani*, Nandan Velankar, Vivek Singhal, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


Indian economy has been facing a rapid growth in last two decades. The upcoming industrialization is now mixed with globalization has empowered the consumers to understand their role and governance in the society. A well-defined consumerism makes the government responsive and effective. As we know, that the consumer is the king means all the goods and services are provided to the consumers keeping in the mind the consumer satisfaction and consumer needs. Consumer protection measure includes three major aspects like physical protection, protection of economic interest and promotion of public interest. Present study is an attempt to analyze the perception of consumers towards the consumer rights in India and an attempt to know the cause and effect relationship between Consumers consciousness and consumers behaviour. The study used self-designed questionnaire for collecting the responses of the consumers and data was analyzed using PASW 18. To know the perception of the consumers, reliability and factor analysis test were used and further regression test was applied. The analysis concluded 4 factors of consciousness and two factors of behavior and further revealed that consciousness is strongly associated with behavior. A strong and sturdy blow of consumer movement is the hour of the need.