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Aftermath of Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 | Original Article

Harshit Sharma*, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


Equality moving one step forward, is Justice and Justice requires unbalancing of rights as well as duties. When this unbalance either in procedural or substantive law grows to such an extent with advent of time, where one comes in the position to dominate the other, it clearly destructs the very purpose of such incorporation and supports the vital essence of “Excess of everything is draconian”. In support of the above contention, this research paper is penned to highlight the impacts, repercussions and after-effects of one such action, called “Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013”. The research is aimed to include a descriptive analysis of the act, comparative study of convictions and cases registered prior to and after the commencement of this act, even highlighting the various facets of Verma Committee’s Report, India’s International Obligation, and recent happenings, showcasing the actual aftermath of the same. This paper is circumscribed and covers plethora of Judicial Precedents, news articles and authenticated reports of various agencies, to convey the needed changes and defects already persisting in the existing system which is responsible for the Upshot of Nirbhaya Act. This is followed by expressing the suggestions and opinions, emphasising the ROLE OF LAW IN REPUBLIC INDIA, with necessary changes in it