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A Study on Corporate Governance Practices in India | Original Article

Tarika Sikarwar*, Monika Gupta, Vivek Kumar, in Shriji Socio-Legal Journal | Law


The main purpose of this study is to determine the current situation of corporate governance practices in India. The population of this study are the companies that form the part of National Stock Exchange, we have selected top 5 companies from 5 diverse as sample from five diverse industry sectors are analysed. In order to analyse the variables of the study and the test applied is paired t-test for finding the differences between the different sectors and the data resulted from collected from Institutional ownership (x1), Ownership concentration (x2), Non bound executives (x3) and CEO duality tasks (x4) are used. The results illustrated that the firms in India are currently following governance practices by following binding and non-binding guidelines issued by SEBI in clause 49 of listing agreement regarding corporate governance. But still there is a range for upgrading towards an ideal state of governance in India for excellence. Moreover, there are no major differences in corporate governance practices followed by firms across different sectors.