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E-Commerce and Women Entrepreneurs | Original Article

Ritu .*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


From last such a significant number of years, Women business people are moving and rousing business visionaries. Women in the present period are liked to be business visionaries as opposed to doing family unit work. Because of financial globalization, women business visionaries are quickly getting ubiquity and in addition tremendous significance in India. Women have demonstrated that they can enter in every single field. Women business people are rising as keen and dynamic business person. They have turned out to be comparable to their Men partners in business discernment. The execution of fruitful women business person working in financial part is exceptional. Today economy is changing and everyone is moving to E-commerce. The E-commerce division has extraordinary development in 2014 .The development of E-trade encourages the women business person to produce new thoughts and work from home. There is gigantic development of women business visionaries in E-commerce segment like Anisha Singh author and CEO OF mydala, Shivani and Tanvi proprietors, fabally. The present investigation uncovers the fruitful women business visionary in E-trade division and difficulties looked by women business people in internet business area. Catchphrases E-Commerce, Women Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Success, Business.