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Assessment of Physical Abilities and Competition Performance of Female Gymnasts | Original Article

Charan Singh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Now days, sports is very popular among the masses. More and more people are not only watching it but also participating in it. Gymnastics, one of the most popular sports in modern age, is an excellent activity. It is a technical sport and the performance of the gymnast is evaluated on the basis of technique and difficulty of the skill. The exercises in gymnastics are so technically complex and often executed at such speed that the move is completed before its full impact has registered on the audience. The shape, size and form of an individual play a significant role on the performance of a player in any game. The basic structure must be present no coach would attempt to make a champion out of anybody The different components of physicall abilities are basic to all movements which contribute successful performance of a player. A high degree of conditional abilities facilitate the learning, practicing ad mastering the technically skills in gymnastics. The physiological factor determines the performance of the gymnast. A high degree of physical and physiological abilities are required for advanced performance in gymnastics. To meet the criteria for elite level performance, physiological demands on gymnasts are continuously increased. There is a need of cardiovascular and cardio respiratory fitness with gymnast at all level. This study supports the importance of the strengthpower to body mass ratios. And, that even the highest levels of gymnastics performance can be differentiated by physical performance variables. Norms for all tests are included.