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Comparison of Physical Fitness among Team and Individual Players | Original Article

Brij Kishore Prasad*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Purpose of this study to determine the comparison of physical fitness among team and individual players. Forty boys’ and girls’ students belonging to Department of Physical Education, Lovely Professional University, Punjab acted as subjects for the study. To measure the physical fitness of selected subjects, AAHPER Youth Fitness Test was selected, keeping in mind its wider range of application and its nature as well as its administrative feasibility. The data was collected by administering the AAHPER Youth Fitness Test. The test was administered as per the guidelines provided in AAPHER Youth Fitness Test manual. Medicine Ball Throw was considered to determine arm and shoulder strength. The strength was tested through Flexed Arm Hang. Shuttle Run Test was conducted to measure the agility and the time taken in seconds were the scores. The explosive powers of legs were tested through Standing Broad Jump. Three trials were permitted and best trial was considered and recorded in meters. For measuring speed, 50 meters Dash Run was employed and the time was recorded in seconds. One trial was permitted. To measure muscular endurance 600 meters RunWalk test was used. Time in seconds was recorded on completion. To compare the collected data Independent ‘T’ Test was applied at 0.05 level of significance to find out the difference among team and individual players physical fitness. there is no significant difference was found among team and individual players’ physical fitness variables Medicine Ball Throw, Shuttle Run, Standing Broad Jump, 50 Meters Dash and 600 Meters RunWalk except Pull upsFlexed Arm Hang.